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  1. Several years ago I discovered couponing at Krogers. It literally changed the way I bought groceries. Unfortunately, my Kroger has changed their coupon policy. They only accept two printed coupons per customer now. What’s even more frustrating is the digitals do not always apply. I am very careful when couponing to get the correct size and what not. I reached out to corporate and they referred me back to the store manager, that had previously told me there wasn’t anything they can do! Needless to say I am very disheartened with Kroger!

    • I have trouble with digital coupons often-just happened yesterday. I just call Kroger tell them the problem and they add a”coupon” on my digital account for the amount I should have had. Then the next time I go to the store that amount comes off my bill. I have also at times just gone to customer service at the store and they will give me money back. Also, I have heard about Kroger going to 2 like printed coupons. That’s what my Giant Eagle store does. Yesterday I went to Kroger and used 4 printed Garden Delight Pasta coupons. No problem. I had 8 printed coupons altogether and they took them with no problem. I think everything depends on the store.

  2. Mary Lynn says:

    Guess what? I went to Kroger last night and did my first really good purchase with my digital and cut out coupons and my wonderful lists that you help us make by making all of this wonderful information available!!! The guy at the register couldn’t believe it as we watched the amount go down, down, down! Mega Event after Mega Event, coupon after coupon! I didn’t even get nervous like I used to when I felt like I was holding up the line! He questioned my 4 coupons for $5 off each bag any size and flavor of Purina Pro Cat Chow. He said my bags didn’t match the coupon picture and that the coupon “couldn’t” be right. I stood my ground and asked him to please call a manager (thanks to you helping me stand up for myself!) and allow them to read the fine print! He did just that and the manager looked at each of my bags and each of my coupons and proceeded to take another $20 off my ticket! YAY US!!!! 🙂 I bought a lot of fresh veggies and fruit, meat, and some bakery items I needed for an upcoming event, but with that said, my receipt went from 287.32 to $98.64!!!!! That’s with laundry products and paper goods and things I normally purchase at Wal-Mart! I’m taking some time off from teaching right now to spend time with and take care of my mom, and I cannot express how very much you are appreciated! I even purchased a notebook and the clear insert sheets, and have it all organized! It took a good deal of time initially, but is much easier to find things and maintain now! I don’t usually write in, but I just had to this time. Bless you and thank you again. 🙂

  3. I can not get Maxwell House DIgital Coupon

  4. I can’t get on the data base- need to know which inserts the Delmonte Veg $1.00/4 and 20cnets off one coupons are in.PLEASE

  5. I have looked thru every May 1 coupon book and cannot find the Bush baked beans coupons. Any chance they were in another week?

  6. I just found you today! Thank you so much for this wonderful page!!! I have Starred it to my Favorites and will be following it DAILY!!! Thanks for all of the hard work you obviously put in to help others succeed!!