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Kroger ClickList | Online Ordering Pick-Up Service

2016 10:00 am

Kroger ClickList

Have you tried Kroger ClickList yet? ClickList is a phenomenal service Kroger offers where you order your groceries online, choose a pickup time and pick them up at the store…without having to leave your car! I’m already hooked!

It’s so easy! Just go HERE and register or login to your account. Then, simply browse for the items you want to purchase and add them to your cart. During the ordering process, you’ll be asked to select a pickup time and location. At your scheduled time, pull up at the ClickList drive-through (there will be signs to help guide you). A friendly Associate will assist you and load your groceries right into your car. And off you go!

UPDATE: Online pre-payment with a debit or credit card is now required. Your card will be charged a final updated total when you receive your order. Prices shown today may differ at the time you receive your order, due to coupons, substitutions, taxes (if applicable) and weighted items.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I use ClickList on my mobile device?

Yes. You can access the ClickList service on your mobile device. However, ClickList is not yet available on the Mobile App.

What are “Favorites”?

This feature tracks your most commonly purchased items. You can browse through your Favorites and add them to your cart for quicker, more convenient shopping. Your Favorites may change slightly from week to week based on the items you purchase.

What are the fees for using ClickList?

It’s just $4.95 per order. But your first three orders are FREE! Trust me, you will definitely save this much (or more!) by not stepping foot into the store and succumbing to those impulse purchases!

Do I earn fuel points when I use ClickList?

Yes! ClickList orders count toward your fuel points just like in-store purchases.

When can I get my order?

When you place your order, you will be asked to select a 1-hour window (between 8 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week) to pick up your order.

What items are included in the ClickList service?

ClickList includes no minimum or maximum orders.  There are over 40,000 items to choose from, including over-the-counter health and beauty products, produce, refrigerated and frozen items, meat, seafood, wine and beer. Some seasonal items, apparel, hot foods, liquor and pharmacy prescriptions are excluded.

Can I include special instructions with my order?

Yes! You can include instructions like how ripe you’d like your bananas or avocados, the specific weight of your bag of cherries, how thin you’d like your deli meat sliced, etc.

How do the products stay fresh until I pick them up?

Perishable items like meat and produce are selected by Associates shortly before your order is scheduled for pickup. Your items will be stored for maximum freshness, including refrigeration for items that require it.

What do I do when I arrive at my pickup location?

When you arrive at your store, follow the signs to the ClickList pickup area and call the number on the sign to let them know you’ve arrived. An Associate will bring your order out to your vehicle. They’ll swipe your card, load your groceries, and you’ll be on your way in minutes! Please note: For the safety of Customers and Associates, ClickList orders accept credit or debit cards ONLY!

Why are prices estimated versus actual?

Online prices reflect the price in-store on the day you place your order. However, prices may change between the time you place your order and the time you pick up your order at the store and pay for it. For example, if you place your order on a Tuesday but pick it up on Wednesday, keep in mind that most Kroger sale cycles begin on Wednesday so things may go on or off sale at the time of payment. The exact price of each item will be printed on your receipt.

What if an item in my order is out of stock in the store?

ClickList Associates are trained to make proper substitutions for out of stock items, so your order will always have the items you need, as close to your original order as possible. When you place your order online, you can indicate whether you would like to allow substitutions.

How do I redeem coupons?

Digital coupons loaded to your Shopper’s Card will automatically be applied to your order at pickup, and discounted from your total. While Kroger is happy to accept paper coupons, please note that it will increase your checkout time (as they will have to take your coupons back into the store to scan them at an actual register).

Do Catalinas Print with Clicklist?

No. There is no Catalina machine for this department. If you are expecting a Catalina to print, you must use the regular registers in store.

Should I tip my ClickList Associate?

There is no tipping necessary for ClickList. Your ClickList Associates will not accept tips.

Did I miss anything? Let us know your tips and if you’ve been enjoying this awesome service!!

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  1. Jeffrey Leckrone says:

    Please Kroger we love the service since I am handicapped but please link Mega event ie: buy 4 save $4 items. Please this should be easy for IT department to add. You already flag digital coupons.

  2. Well, I’m using the Check List in Houston area and my groceries are being delivered, but I’m paying $10. for the service, so the $35. in coupon savings was reduced, but I don’t mind because I’m disabled and the weather is horrific. Well, then I will tip the driver, just trying to figure out how much I should tip?

  3. I have been using clicklist for a few months now, I love it. My only problem is as of the last 6 weeks I have not been able to view the items in click list. I have had to type in everything I want, nothing shows up, then only the item that I have typed shows up. What is going on? Don’t like it, I like seeing my previous purchases and the other store items,

  4. Carol Decker says:

    hHad a bad experience Dec. 22. Pickup time was between 7 and 8, Kroger called and asked me to come at 8. I went at 8 and waited about 20 minutes before I was told the order had not been picked yet. Waited another 25 minutes before I received my order.

  5. Kay butler says:

    I’m disabled and tried my first time at check list and will definitely do it again. So easy

  6. Carole Bakalar says:

    I am having a problem finding where to type in items that do not appear in the click list.
    Also I was told I could type in that I have my own bags and also coupons, paper ones that is.

  7. Worst experience for a first time user, I have been blocked from site after spending 35 minutes adding items to my cart and now it won’t let me access any part of Kroger website, really upset having wasted all of this time to save some time, what a joke. No wonder their stock plummeted facing the competition of whole foods and Amazon, as well as Meijers

  8. I’ve been using ClickList for about 3 months now and love it. Here’s a few of the things I do to make it easier for me and the shopper to handle my order the way I want it.

    #1 If I will only accept a particular item, I click no subs.

    #2 If the item I want is out in the flavor I want, I specify in the remarks box what substitute I will consider acceptable. Example, I don’t like mint ice cream and if the flavor I chose was OOS, then any flavor EXCEPT mint would be acceptable.

    #3 I note in the comment box that I have either a digital coupon or a print coupon and I note the amount of the coupon. I also note in this box if the item(s) are in a buy ##, save $$ and show the amount of the sale. I’ve always gotten mega pricing when I’ve purchased the proper items and in the quantity required. Watch what your clicking on to be sure you have the right product, size, etc. If one item is wrong, you won’t get the sale pricing.

    #4 When I arrive to pick up my order (and BTW, my store has same day pickup), I tell the shopper I have print coupons. She comes out to get those coupons and returns a few minutes later with my order. She shows me on my receipt where those coupons where deducted. Tells me how many gas points I earned. When I get home, I check my receipt against the paper order printout they gave me. They have highlighted any changes/substitutions/oos items on that sheet. They tell me what they did to make my order as close to my wishes as possible. Substitutions have always been equal too or greater than my original item.

    #5 I make my list on my computer throughout the week as I find things I need or want. When I’m doing my ClickList order, I use that sheet, another window showing the Kroger ad and a third window with digital coupons on my account that I plan on using. I can toggle between pages to see if I’m getting the correct items and that I’m ordering all that I wanted from my original list. I also use that original list to check on my receipt for any discrepancies or errors. So far, I have found no errors….except for the Catalina that didn’t print. I wasn’t aware at the time that Catalina’s wouldn’t print using ClickList. That’s something I intend to mention in my next feedback for the store, shopper and website. They do pay attention to those feedback forms and you get additional gas points when you fill them out.

    #6 The store nearest me (about 1/2 mile away) just began ClickList on 12/8. I was very pleased to see that and used them for my order this time. It’s my first time using a different store, so we’ll see how things go. The people working at that store are some of the nicest folks I’ve met in the grocery business. I expect good things from them. But, the jury is out on that until I pick up my order on Tuesday afternoon. BTW, I placed my order on Saturday night and made an adjustment to my order when I got the coupon for the Oreos, Cream Cheese and Baker’s Chocolate. I added those items and it worked easy as pie! First time I’ve done an addition to a pending order. Won’t be afraid to do so in the future. I think I can start my order ahead of time (several days before I want to pick it up) and finish it as needed in the days following.

    #7 I think I’ve said all I can say right now. I am a big believer in ClickList. I’ve heard (don’t know how true it is) that the next improvement will be home delivery. The Meijer stores in my area already do that. Kroger needs to get on that bandwagon now too. Hope they’re reading this now. I am a senior citizen on oxygen. I find it difficult to go to the store to do the amount of shopping I need for the week without having to find a place to sit for a while or break my shopping up into multiple shorter trips…which is a big PITA! I love ClickList. Give it a try! It is worth it and the paltry $4.95 per order fee is nothing. The convenience more than compensates for that fee.

  9. Annette Williams says:

    I’m using the click list how do I use the service and can I pay with EBT

  10. Sheri Hicks says:

    I love clicklist! My question is can I order and have someone else pick it up?

  11. What if I choose to pay with a different debit card upon pick up??

  12. I am disabled and have a EBT card, so unfortunate they will not accept, I used to be a Kroger shopper, not anymore

  13. So I just noticed….some products are more expensive on check list than in the store. BOOO Kroger.
    For example: milk- 1 gallon Kroger brand is $1.99 this week on sale, reg price $2.99. Clicklist “sale” price is $2.39.

    If you are a penny pincher like me (and I don’t have a choice), watch the prices….

    • Hi Tiffany! I’m not sure why you have a price difference on the milk. I’m in the middle of shopping on my ClickList and checked the prices. Mine show the same on both ClickList and the weekly sales add for this week. Could it be you were comparing two different types of milk? Could you have started your ClickList when the milk was on sale, but didn’t finish until after the sale was over? I know it won’t let you have it for the sale price if the weekly add you began with had expired.

      • I had the same issue. The weekly ad is still current and yet my prices were not showing up in my check out on ALL items. Some were fine and some were not. I cancelled my order and will just be shopping in the store myself.

  14. It’s it’s keeps telling me my debit card is declined and there’s not a problem with funds …anyone else have this problem ??

  15. Hi I need quick help if anyone can answer this for me, my husband is working in CA while I am in KY. He was going to use his card to order groceries for me to pick up. The problem is that even though you prepay online it says to have your card ready at pick up. I don’t know if we should try anyway because I will be embarrassed if I get there and they want to see the card. Any advice please?

  16. Hi Katie are we not supposed to offer a tip? I did checklist last night and I got the strong impression that the two employees were waiting for a tip, they hung around waiting and kept telling me they filled my order and kept going over the program and went on and on about each item, and again kept saying they filled my order. In your post above it said they cannot accept tips. So I’m wondering if things have changed or what others have done? I probably won’t use the service if tipping is required, only for rare occasion but any insight would be appeciated. Thanks!!!!!

  17. Kenneth Mutcherson says:

    This will be my first time trying it

  18. So, I tried Clicklist with a $70 order (It had the 5 free full-size items you linked to). I know the threshold to get the $10/$50 was $50, but I continued glancing at high value coupons I had and using their easy search box and found some freebies that indeed ended up being free. I didn’t know if the $10 off was going to show, and it didn’t. Other than that, it was WONDERFUL! ***** My husband was actually able to go pick them up for us. He took the debit card and 11 paper coupons I had. Every digital item and all but 1 paper coupon (.55) scanned. They threw in a free box of oatmeal because of another flavor ran out. (They gave me 4, and I paid for only 3… they explained it to my husband). The only disappointment I really had was an avacado was $1.79 instead of $1.00, and the $10 off, but I ended up getting so much free stuff! It was definitely a money-saver not walking inside. Stores are going to lose so much money, over time, without all of those impulse purchases. The consumer WINS with this. Now, I am going to go over the best deals I got, your deals of the week, and make a new list just for coupons. It is extreme couponing done without all that time spent in the aisle, a coupon printer right by me, all my coupons spread out, and in the comfort of my own kitchen. I love this! The $4.95 would be a bummer after the first 3, but I’ll figure something out to make it worth it.

  19. how do you get the $10 off $50

    • Everything is rang up on a regular register with all sales, coupons deducted. You can hand them your paper coupons when you pick it up!

  20. So, I’m not sure if I am reading the comments right. When you do ClickList you do not get the mega pricing? Also you can use paper coupons, they just have to take them back in to apply to the order? I want to try this but want to make sure I know what to expect first.

    • You get all the sale prices, digital coupons and paper coupons. Just let them know when you go to pick up about the paper coupons.

      • When I did my first order 2 weeks ago, it did not automatically take my digital coupons off and the manager at Kroger told me I had to click a link or something that will take off my coupons?? Am I missing something?

  21. There are some amazing digital coupons that are only for click list and are a huge savings. However, clicklist does not give you mega sale pricing. Unfortunately, I had to go back into customer service to get the discount which sort of defeats the purpose of picking up an order.

  22. Kellie Rampelli says:

    I have used this service three times and I love it! This website says that the clicklist associates will not accept tips. They will most definitely accept tips and I know this because I tipped them each time. And they accepted it. I appreciate what they do and think tipping is appropriate.

  23. I’ve only used this service twice and I’m already hooked! I love shopping online from the comfort of my home because it gave me time to think of everything I needed and I was able to check my stock at home while I shopped. I wish the Kroger locations in my town offered this instead of having to drive 10 miles to the nearest one that does offer it; however, it’s worth the drive!

  24. I have used this service numerous times and it does cut back on the amount you spend each trip. The only word of caution is that you may not be happy with the substitutions. I specifically purchase certain organic items, if unavailable, the store will substitute the nonorganic versions.

    • Agreed. I uncheck the substitutions box on most items, I want specific brands most of the time or organic, non-organic is not a proper substitute. I have allowed them to sub on a few items – if they sub with Kroger brand the item is free (my hubby balked at the thought of Kroger brand but if it’s free no harm no foul!)

  25. What is the minimum purchase amount for clicklist?

  26. Terry M Yarbrough says:

    Clicklist started in my area just when I was having surgery and that was the only way for me to get my groceries. I instantly enjoyed the service and had no problems. After my three free orders, I considered stopping but I still cannot shop in the store so I use Click list. We have never had a problem that was not fixed immediately. Of course, my Kroger has the best people working for them, especially in the back!

  27. Ken marr says:

    When I picked up my order only half was there I took it back to the store and all they did was apologize. They need to train their employees before this becomes a success.

  28. Anna Armstrong says:

    I’m 81 years old & I love to shop. but I just can’t do it any more.i think this is woderful .now if I just do it right.. Thank You so much .

  29. It would be great, if you could sort based on cost too.

  30. Jessica Woody says:

    How do the buy 6 get $3 off sales work? It doesn’t show items on sale online, however does it calculate them upon checkout in store? Tia!

    • They ring up your groceries at a regular register, so all sales, digital coupons, paper coupons you hand them when you go pick it up, are all deducted! I gave a complex order with all of the above and it went so smoothly!

  31. Sandy Chubb says:

    How much time is the minimum between ordering and the pick up time at the Short Pump store in Richmond, VA?

  32. Why can I only schedule a pickup 2 days out? I have checked several times for Branch Hill and its always 2 days out. Who has time to wait 2 days? I might as well order from Amazon, then it will be delivered to my house. So far, not impressed. Not sure if I will try again. Seems like going to the store myself would be less effort.

  33. This is a great service. When you enter Kroger’s card number it puts past purchases in view.
    This was convenient because my kids like certain items weekly. I hate grocery shopping and this service makes it so easy..I just finished shopping by a warm fire on a early Sunday morning, now I won’t be rushed today to do weekly shopping.
    Thanks Kroger!

  34. Can i pay same time after doing my grocery list or do I have to pay at the time I pick up my order

    • You’re going to have to put in your card information, they’ll put a hold on the amount of your groceries, and then they will debit your bank for the actual amount after all of the produce has been actually weighed, taxes applied, etc.

  35. Can you use EBT for payment on this form?

  36. Joe harris says:

    Seeems to take to long for the prosses

  37. Will it calculate your free items?

  38. Nate, Tiffany and Bill helped this first timer learn the system with a smile and a handshake. Great Reps for the system.

  39. This is an incredible service for people with a handicap. Haven’t tried it yet but will see if execution is as good as the ordering part.

  40. B. L. McGhee says:

    How do catalinas work with ClickList? If I’m supposed to receive a catalina for a purchase, do they pre-print those and hand them to you when they bring the groceries out to your car? Please advise.


  42. What a great video! 🙂 Great service too. Our store is just doing the renovations for the click list now and can’t wait!

  43. Can EBT be used with this service?

  44. I have just seen that it is in my area. I can’t wait to use it. I used to use Safeway’s grocery delivery service when I lived in AZ but was disappointed they did not offer it in my hometown. Even if I have to pick up, it still saves a lot of time. And yes you are right, not going into the store saves you a lot of money. It’s funny we work so hard to save money through coupling — and we do — but often don’t think about the fact that there is a reason that those coupons and loss leaders are published in the first place. 🙂

  45. I don’t like it because you can’t get the MIX & MATCH participating items deal where you save an extra $.50 or $1.00 per item like you can in the store.

  46. CharlesNLenoirCity says:

    Due to my restricted capability to negotiate the various isles in the large grocery stores I find it quite convenient to be able to pick up my groceries at a “Pick-up” store almost 10 miles away. My Kroger does not offer this so I drive the extra 15-20 minutes for the convenience. BTW,… My l last Click-List was #5. The service has been and is great!

  47. The only thing i have found, is I can’t tell which are Mega Events Items. From what i can tell, there is nothing identifying them. Other than that it awesome.

    • I agree! i was hoping to try the clicklist this week, but I can’t really tell whats part of the mega sale, and whats not 🙁 So I’ll have to go in to the store to make sure I get enough items

  48. I wish my Kroger offered this. 🙁 I would definitely use it ALL the time!

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