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Similac Advance Organic vs Comforts for Baby Organic Formula!

2015 8:29 pm

Baby Formula

Hey Kroger Krazies!  This is Kendra (missing sharing all the deals but enjoying my 3 week old baby girl, Chase).  Chase has become a formula fed baby and I have chosen to give her the organic variety.  She is currently on the Similac Advance Organic and noticed today that Kroger had a Comforts for Baby Organic variety that sells for more than $10 less for around the same size.  If you have some time, will you help me by giving me some feedback on the Kroger brand if you have used it?  I would appreciate any help you can give me.

My questions for you are:

1) Have you used the Comforts for Baby Organic Formula?

2) How do you feel it compares to Similac?

3)  Did you notice that it caused anything to happen to your baby (spit up, constipation, etc)?

I have signed up to receive Similac check and that’s a great savings but you all know you go through more formula than checks.  I want what’s best for my baby girl and am more than willing to spend the extra money if that’s what it takes.  Just wanted some feedback on a Kroger brand since I promote Kroger everywhere I go.


Because we are in the savings game, there is a $2 Similac coupon available that you can print up.


Oh and by the way…Chase got to meet Katie yesterday.  I wanted to share an extra sweet picture of the two of them.  Katie said “Finally got to meet this precious baaaaaaaby!! I may now require a shared custody agreement drawn up. She’s mine!!” People, she’s a dream come true!


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  1. I absolutely love the organic comforts by Kroger never had any issues…used similar but definitely wouldn’t use anything else other than comforts brand saves alot of money,!

  2. targets up and up brand and the comforts for baby are distributed by the same company. I noticed no differences in either compared to the national brand.

  3. I love the comforts brand formula. It’s what I buy for my son when he runs out of wic supplied formula for the month. We normally use gerber good start, and I buy the comforts tender which is their version of the GGS. When he was still spitting up quite a bit, I noticed it was less when he was on the Comforts. I’d use it all the time if we didn’t get wic to help us out.

  4. One thing to keep in mind when comparing formula brands is the ingredient list and vitamin list. Compare the labels. Even though it looks like it’s basically the same thing, it may or may not be.
    My son has a milk protein allergy, it’s been an uphill struggle since I stopped breastfeeding. We did soy for awhile and I always got some awesome deals on Gerber soy, compared to enfamil’s prosobee or similac’s soy. Eventually we realized we couldn’t use soy because he was getting too constipated from it. We ended up switching to nutramigen. Which he did wonderfully on. Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter what the best deal is. It’s worth whatever the cost is if it’s what WORKS for your baby. If you switch, just watch for little signs like spitting up, constipation, diarrhea, etc. Make sure you run it over with her pediatrician as well. Good luck, and enjoy that little peanut while she’s still tiny! You’ll blink and wonder where that tiny newborn went.

  5. I LOVE it!! I never noticed a difference in either of my boys when we switched to the comforts brand. I used the GENTLE (generic of Enfamil Gentlease) with both boys. They couldnt handle similac.. both spit up on that. But they did Great on Comforts brand!!

  6. Our 2 year old daughter Grace was fed Kroger’s Organic formula exclusively and we had absolutely no issues. My sister in law recommended it to me (she used it to supplement breast feeding) and we LOVED it. The price was great and our daughter is happy, healthy and growing like crazy. I’d highly recommend it. The ONLY downside is that you can only buy it at Kroger, so be sure to stock up and bring some with you if you are traveling.

  7. I know everyone says it’s the same ingredients but my lo did terrible with the Kroger brand! She drank it just fine but her poop was awful!!! Her tummy definitely disagreed with it 🙁

  8. Desiree Flores says:

    When I went back to work I had to start supplementing because I am only able to pump twice a day during a 9 hour period. I tried many formulas because my son was colicky and the best one by far was the Comforts Brand, in my opinion it mixes better than Gerber or Similac. I love the quality for the price.

    • That’s just crazy to me that many like this brand. I am sooo glad I asked you for your opinion and I appreciate you letting me know. I am excited to try this and save at the same time. Thanks Desiree!

  9. mu daughter was both on formula and breast milk. andi used store brands. what i have learned is most of the store brand formula was made by the same company. there is a phone number that you can call for coupons for the store brand formula but i lost the number. just google . my daugher is 6 yrs now. store brand formula is just as good as similac and enfamil.

    • Oh I will google that for sure. I never thought I would use a store brand but if it’s good for her then it’s good for me. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts 🙂

  10. Melissa Lang says:

    My son developed a milk allergy at 3 months and we tried all the soy formulas until FINALLY finding the Comforts Organic Soy formula! I was skeptical about it because it was soo cheap, but the pediatrician OK’d it and as a PP stated, the FDA approves all formula on the same criteria so it is just as good as the others. I hope it works well for your little one!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback. I plan on purchasing the Kroger brand as soon as this one is up. I am happy that it worked for you too. Skeptical was exactly what I was based on price.

  11. We use the Kroger brand Organic formula. I love it because of the price and we’ve had no issues. The only con is that it tends to leave more of a residue on the bottles and that makes them harder to clean, but it could just be the extra hard Cincinnati water 😛

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! What a sweet baby 🙂

    • I am glad you say that about the residue. The Similac Organic does the SAME exact thing. That makes me feel good. Ah, thank you. She’s so precious!! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  12. Jerusha Caple says:

    I used the Comforts Organic to supplement at 7 months with my first son. He refused to take Similac or Enfamil. He hardly ever spit up and to be honest this formula doesn’t smell as bad as the others. Hope this helps.

    • I just never was the off brand purchaser but you’ve convinced me to save some money. I hope it works well with my little one too :)Thanks Jerusha!

  13. all the brands are similar. They have to be based on what the FDA says. There might be some difference in starches, or oils used. I would read the back of both labels and compare. It takes 7 days (per a doctor) for us to notice a true difference when switching formulas. My children all had severe allergies to breast milk and formula. It took me a while to find something that worked for them.
    My advice is read labels and compare.
    Kroger chicken is made by Tyson and Tyson throws a Kroger label on it. So at the end of the day it is all Tyson. Makes you think what other “generic” “store brand” products are made by the big labels…

    • Oh I did my research. I really was just hoping that it was working with the babies. My friend used a Walmart brand and her baby was so constipated that she had to go back to Similac. I’m glad that I’m able to save by using the Kroger brand. Thanks for the awesome feedback!!

  14. I worked at an Early Childhood center and we learned that there is. I difference in the brand name and the generic. They legally all have to follow the same guidelines because it is the babies only way to eat. I did learn with my last child that there is a difference in the starches and an oil between enfamil and similar. Our last daughter threw up for 9 months after trying every brand of enfamil only to find that she was allergic to enfamil. She was able to use any similac brand and didn’t throw up.

    • You have to be on your phone. My phone will not recognize the word Similac and always changes to Similar 🙂 Thank you for the feedback. I’m going to try it as soon as my supply is up which lasts what..a week? 🙂

  15. amber labove says:

    The fda assures that all formulas either store brand or name brand all have to have the same amount of nutrients. Which is great news for us penny pinchers. I have a 5 week old son we have been using the organic comforts for 4 weeks now and he is doing amazing! Bright eyed, smiling and we are even getting sweet little giggles. I was only able to breast feed for a week. We wanted to be able to give him the best we could on our budget, comforts is a life saver for us.

    • Oh Amber I am so glad it’s working for you. THIS is the stuff I needed to make the move to try it. I am excited for the giggles to start. Thanks again 🙂

  16. Beth Vandenburgh says:

    I didn’t use organic formula, however I wished I had known about it when my youngest was still using formula. We did use the comforts for baby brand tho. It was so much easier on his stomach. We started with similac and had more issues with gas and constipation then with with the comforts for baby. So many of his issues cleared up when we made the switch I recommend this brand to all my friends and family over name brands.

    • It’s crazy that we can recommend a brand that is so much cheaper but I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me your experience. I am hoping that it works well with my baby girl and by the end of the week should be trying it out as soon as my overpriced one is gone 🙂 Thank you!!

  17. We had to stop nursing at 8 months due to a lack of weight gain. I tried Similac Organic and my son did well but started spitting up after every feeding we stuck it out for three weeks just to see if he would adjust since he was only used to my milk. I saw the Kroger brand (and the price!) so I tired it. We have used it for two months now and love it. No digestive issues and he gained the weight he needed to.

    • Awesome news! I had NEVER looked at the Comforts brand before but when I was there yesterday it just caught my attention and was looking at the labels comparing everything. I still didn’t buy but knew that some of you could give me some supportive words. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your experience.

  18. Jennifer says:

    We use the Walmart store brand sensitive formula and have been very happy! No issues and ped agreed it is worth the switch! If you look at the ingredients… They are the same!!!

    • Walmart has an organic version too. There numbers were a little more different but the savings was totally there. I am glad that Dr’s are on the move to letting us know about these products.

  19. I nursed my daughter for a year and then we have been using the kroger brand organic
    She has been doing great!

    • That’s awesome news. I wanted to nurse but it just didn’t work. Giving my daughter the best was what was important to me. Will be using this for sure. I hope it works for her too!

  20. Congratulations on your beautiful baby. I do not have experience with Kroger formula, but my daughter formula fed two babies (one is now 3 1/2 yrs and other is 11 mos so still on formula). She asked her pediatrician about brand name vs generic/store brand and he said there was no difference. He actually suggested using store brand to save money. He did say once you find one the baby tolerates well, stick with that.

    • And this is why I want to make the switch NOW if it all possible. She’s doing great on the Similac Organic and has never spit up once. She’s a machine. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words as well. She’s so cute (to me) and amazing!

  21. Diane williams says:

    We used Comforts Organic formula with our sons, after breastfeeding ended. No issues at all! Loved the price and quality!

    • Such great news. Why didn’t I ask this before spending so much money on Similac? I am so glad it worked for you. I want to do the same!

  22. Christie says:

    I used the kroger gentle brand. No issues. It has the same I ingredients as all the name brands. It is much less too. Krogers offers coupons or has sales from time to time. I recommend switching.

    • Oh great. I had never looked to see if it ever went on sale but so glad to know that it’s an option and can stock up when that happens. I have seen the coupons in the mail for this but never thought of feeding this to my daughter if we had to. Wrong!! Thanks for the feedback.

  23. Stephanie says:

    We had no issues with Kroger brand formula and my cousin’s baby actually does better with. Also there’s a website that offers coupons for different brands, occasionally Kroger as well. If make the switch definitely check it out.

  24. Lindsey Mitchell says:

    We used the Comforts brand and had zero issues. I didn’t notice any difference in my daughter at all compared with the name brand. Definitely a great place to save a little money. I’m sure you’ve looked, but the ingredients and percentages are almost exactly the same.

    • Oh I looked for sure. That’s why I came to you all. I knew you would be supportive and help me make my final decision. I just wanted to make sure others were having success too. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts 🙂

  25. Lisa Swisher says:

    Hello Kendra.I have not used the organic but I was using Similac Advance the blue label and then discovered the Kroger brand.My baby was 6 months old and we had absolutely no problems with the Kroger brand.No spitting up or any adverse affects.In fact my daughter even seemed to like the Kroger brand better.Hope this helps.

    • I keep reading from you all that some babies like this one better. Boy am I hoping that’s the same with my little girl. She downs the Similac Organic and hoping she downs this new kind too. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. It’s helping me to try something new.

  26. Kristy Leonard says:

    I didn’t use the organic variety but did use the other comfort for babies variety and my little one did great with it, from what I could tell it was just like using the higher priced similac

    • So glad Kristy. A $10 savings is totally worth it in my book (as long as she does well with it). Also knowing that Dr’s recommend store brands makes me happy too. Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts 🙂

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