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$7.00 off Cedar Point Tickets!

2011 1:35 pm just brought back the coupon for $7.00 off one regular admission to Cedar Point!! The best part is, you can get up to 4 discounts per coupon! (if you don’t see it, try zip 43420)

If you’re unfamiliar with Cedar Point…it’s an amusement park located in Sandusky Ohio (my hometown!!) and boasts a world-record 17 roller coasters! They also feature an awesome kiddy area, award winning shows, a beautiful beach, a separate water park (Soak city) and so much more!!

Tickets at the gate are currently priced at $46.99, so $39.99 after this coupon.

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  1. so is the gate price still the same and I can still ge the 7 dollars off so it will be 39.99

  2. thank u! i already planned to go on the 19th since i live in ohio. thank you for all your very useful info!

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